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1) Do some simple planning before you go to bed. This might sound strange, but plan what to wear and what to eat in the morning the night before. This way you won’t waste your freshest thoughts, and you will save your mental energy for way more important things.

2) Try quieting your brain in the morning with a few minutes of meditation. It does not only help you to be more in touch with yourself, but it clears the mind, sharpens your inner focus over time and helps you shut out distractions.

3) Most of the time, we do mindless work first and tackle critical jobs later. It should be the other way around: Get the hardest, more creative tasks done right away while you have the energy and the ability to concentrate, because every decision we make tires the brain. Once you put the hardest things to bed, everything else will be like a walk in the park!

4) The way we have adapted to today’s constantly moving, always accessible world, is by scanning all that we see, but we never quite give our full attention to anything. Distraction is a nasty habit. it teaches our brains to be unfocused. However, we can retrain our brains by following this simple exercise: Practice concentration by turning off all distractions (phones, computers, that nagging voice in your head) and try to focus on one single task or thought. Start easy with 5-10 minutes and advance every day, working on more extended periods. If your mind is wandering off, take it back to your task. It will get less difficult to stay focused day by day, which will make your life easier and less stressful.