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find your bliss.


Amethyst quartz found as far-flung as Africa, Europe, North, and South America, and Russia has long been believed to embody many properties. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice that uses spatial rules and energy to ensure a harmonious environment, incorporate amethyst into the equation as an emblem of wealth and prosperity. The ancient Greeks believed the stone could protect against drunkenness by absorbing the wearer's intoxications - it's a long story...


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Today, it is widely believed that Amethyst can enhance healing, ouster negativity, anxiety, stress, and balance one's energy.

so with that said, let’s start at the top!

The Crown Chakra (the Seventh Chakra) is purple and is our connection to the universe and all that it holds, seen and unseen and it connects us to our very best self. Amethyst, along with meditation and yoga, is a crystal that can help clear blockages in the Crown Chakra.





the crown chakra is the gateway to everything!

 CLOSED OFF - It is said that a Crown Chakra that is not open results in a life that is not connected to your best self (bliss) resulting in insulated thoughts and a failure to see beyond one's own world. A closed Crown Chakra leads to negativity, depression and an inability to make meaningful connections. Closed Crown Chakra’s can also be the catalyst for aches and pains and physical and mental ailments.

WIDE OPEN - When the Crown Chakra is wide open, it can have equally debilitating effects as a closed Crown Chakra, resulting in an inability to live in the present, lack of focus and a tendency to dwell on the past and to think obsessively about what may or may not lay in the future and like a closed Crown Chakra, one that is wide open can also result in physical and mental ailments.


BALANCE – is everything!

Find a path that works for you. You may not be, or ever be, a devout practitioner of Yoga, but through some form of daily practice - positive thought, casting an open heart towards the world, and especially the perimeters of your own world, will allow you to give and receive and attain your best self (bliss).

VISUALIZE A PATH (a simple daily exercise before you sleep and before you get out of bed).

Lay on your back with your arms slightly spread away from your body and your palms facing up. Your feet should also be slightly apart at a comfortable spread.

Clear your mind and relax your body.

Breath steady and deep with a second hold before exhaling.

Focus on your Crown Chakra (very top point of your head) and visualize the deep rich color of Amethyst – You can place a piece of Amethyst in your open palm or wear a piece around your neck. Focus on positive thoughts, a better world a better you – visualize this path with an open heart and find your bliss.

Cleansing your Amethyst



Selenite is a cyrstal that can be used to cleanse and charge other crystals and its a simple process just place the two stones in a bowl or on the table so they’re touching and you’ll be all set in the morning!



Sage and Palo Santo are great for cleansing you, your home and your Amethyst, focus on positive thoughts whilst letting the smoke waft around your stone and hey, while you're at it you.


Water: Creek / Ocean

There’s nothing like a good soak in the tub or a powerful morning shower to get your energy flowing and water is also a good way to cleanse your Amethyst. Here’s how: Place your Amethyst in a cheesecloth pouch and anchor it to the bank of the creek or beach (remember water is powerful so make sure that your pouch is securely closed and that your anchor is secure, and if in the ocean, way above high tide, otherwise, you will lose your stone). If your able to leave your stone overnight and under a full moon (amazing!) but if not, take it for a good swim, whilst thinking of your idea of bliss – you and your Amethyst will be energized when you’re done.


by the light of the moon

The moon, like the Sun, has a powerful pull on all things and is perfect for cleansing your Amethyst Crystal and by far the best way in our opinion. When the moon is set to be full, wash your amethyst in water and just after sunset place your Amethyst out under the moon - on your windowsill or better still outside under its full glare. Bring them back as the sun is dawning and charge them with your positive thoughts.