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Bex Manners

images by Marco Walker

Bex Manners is a jewelry designer and a woman on a journey. The HXNCLUB sat down for a Q&A with the redhaired beauty, who has the most infectious of smiles and asked a lot of nosey questions. We hope you enjoy learning about what makes this wonderful soul tick as much we did - here’s the skinny in her own words…

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Bex as a child wearing her own necklace creation

Bex as a child wearing her own necklace creation

When I was a teenager my passion was to go to flea markets and vintage stores to find unique pieces that I could customize.  I would spend hours reworking jeans, cutting up shirts and reviving old vintage

jewelry - back then, more was more, hot pink flares, layers of necklaces, platform boots and giant fake fur coats, you name it!

After I finished school I went traveling and worked with my boyfriend for 2 years.  We traveled through South East Asia to Australia and South America, living with tribes, learning about their traditions and techniques. I was fascinated by their traditional style and developed a few pieces of jewelry along the way. This part of my life had a huge influence on me, the intrigue, exploration, connecting and learning with local masters of craft through creativity,  a universal language which is what I live for now.


In 2004 I moved to NYC to work for a fashion stylist. I was constantly being asked to source and find jewelry for photo shoots. Unable to find specific pieces that I thought would be right, I decided I would make them.  I would buy components from the garment district and the 17th St flea market and create one of a kind pieces, and before I knew it, with the support and encouragement of my friends and family, Bex Rox was born.  I had a small workbench in my apartment in Tribeca and would sit day after day making all sorts of pieces.  I would then go from shop to shop convincing buyers to take my pieces and to my surprise they did and they were selling out. 

I moved back to London with my first collection and was introduced to Zoe Kuipers.  At the time she was working for Goodley PR (she now runs Zoe Communications, her own very successful boutique PR company in London). Zoe got me my first piece of press, an article in the Sunday Times Style section, and shortly after that Browns launched my collection.