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Researchers say that positive thinking not only raises your spirits but improves your health. Whatever’s happening inside the brain affects what’s happening inside your body and looking at the sunny side of life can (according to this school of thought) boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure and the risk for heart diseases. It’s also said to help keep your weight in check, and chase away the blues too!

Here are some simple exercises to feeling more upbeat - all you need is a journal, a pen, and an open mind.

Always be kind to others, every day despite what might be going on in your life. The good vibrations you put out will come back to you!

Tell yourself daily what you’re thankful for and take that in as love.

Think about your strengths, know that they are your gifts and think about how best you can use them.

Be in the here and now, recognize the moment and remember it’s the journey that will make you stronger.

At the end of every day recognize the positive things that have happened to you (or that you witnessed happen to others). Write these happenings down and try to manifest that positive feeling.

For the last exercise, no pen is needed: Every morning, open up your arms and spread them high up to the sky, take a deep breath and say out loud: “ I Open Myself Up to the Universe and all of the wonderful things it will teach me”. Give it a shot. Something exciting and positive might just fall into your arms.

Until Next Time - think healthy thoughts, speak kind words and always be open to the universe!