Marco Walker’s

elastic mind

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Think bright flash, hyper color, and candid reportage, with a thoroughly British quirkiness thrown in for good measure. His commercial work captures a feeling of "it's happening now” allowing the work (if one views it without association) to live outside of its original branding purpose.


The hand that cajoles three models, who are made up to exude Barbieque attributes.


A middle-aged man dancing without a care in front of a lobsided horizon.

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The girl with the melting icecream-cone, she could happily sit on any living room wall. Images that transcend the gimmick of the initial first read, have you asking what’s going to happen next… his is the kind of eye that makes for truly successful marketing campaigns.

But it is his artistic eye and his passion for the great outdoors that has piqued our interest.


Walker describes his collages as works that engage with the themes of “escapism and paradise, celebrating nature’s beauty whilst at the same time reminding the viewer of our disconnect to nature which is leading us to exploit and destroy it.”

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A palpable discomfort creeps in after spending some time looking at Walker’s work. An uneasiness that you can’t quite put your finger on until you realize that his voice is crystal clear. Yes, funny and surreal, but clear, voicing a quiet urgency that seems to say - look at all this toxic wonder.

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Nature is the prominent theme in Walker’s work, albeit bright fuchsia grass and manipulated landscapes. And his use of supersaturated hyper-real color may be his way of nudging at our subconsciousness, asking us to wake up and smell the roses before it’s too late.

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Walker, lists artistic greats Giorgio de Chirico, William Eggelston, Slim Aarons and Martin Parr amongst his early influences, and whilst you can see traces of Eggelstons quite observation wrapped within hyper color and Parrs sarcastic British glare in Walker's commercial work, it is the multi-layered voice of surrealist de Chirico that seems to have exploded into Walkers psychic when it comes to his art and for that matter, a nod to Aarons capture of the lackadaisical so-called jet-set if you squint when viewing his Bombay Beach Biennale installations.


the BBB Project

For the past three years, Marco Walker has participated in the Bombay Beach Biennale, an event that brings together artist and creatives from multiple spheres for a 72-hour event on the shores of the Salton Sea.

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Organizers of the annual event bill it as - “a celebration for the local residents, artists, volunteers and supporters who are investing their time and resources into the revitalization of Bombay Beach and increasing awareness of the Salton Sea environmental crisis”. Walker’s installations, of life-size sculptures embedded in the sand amidst clouds of smoke, speak directly to the toxicity and fragility of the environment, and his 2018 installation Love Machine clearly speaks to another of today's urgent conversations - the inequalities of women.