This Really Happened!

donkey crop.jpg

 “I even bartered a holiday to England to stay at my parents best friends family - this actually happened!”


It would be fitting to say that Bex Manners led a bit of a charmed bohemian life, growing up in Menorca Spain, but horse-trading (well Donkey, but close enough) and a trip… We couldn’t let the above sentence go by without an explanation.

How When I was 7 I made a trade with one of my parents best friends that had a farm outside of London. I was always dying to go to England, my mothers friend said, how about you make me 4 bracelets and we will invite you to our farm. So that’s what happened, I made them 4 friendship bracelets made out of shells and cotton and off I went to England to ride donkeys, pick apples and collect fresh eggs every morning, it was total heaven!